What is a penis extender?

While many popular mantras from the ladies state that “size doesn’t matter” in regards to their man’s penis, if you ask the guys they will tell you that it most certainly does.

Many men suffer from dysmorphophobia, or the fear that their penis just doesn’t measure up. This can lead to a lack of confidence and pleasure in the bedroom, leaving the man feeling inadequate.

But men don’t have to suffer. While there are surgeries that can increase penis size, they can be quite risky and not terribly effective. A more reasonable option is a penis extender.

penis_extenderPenis extenders are a safe, effective medical device that that claim to lengthen and widen the penis, giving you the size and the confidence you’ve always wanted. But do they really work?

How does it work

Traction-based devices operate on the scientific principle of traction. The traction device is placed on the penis and slowly stretches the organ through constant, light tension that creates microtears in the cells. penis-diagram-extendersThe body then has to regenerate and create new cells to replace damaged ones and fill in the gaps left over.

The internal penis cavity, the Corpora Cavernosa, expands as well, allowing more blood to flow to the area during an erection creating a larger penis size.

This same principle is used by doctors in orthopedic surgery and plastic surgery to lengthen damaged bones and to stretch skin destroyed by severe burns.

Many body builders also gain mass by utilizing microtears in their muscles that then regenerate and grow back larger.

The principles behind the penis stretching have been clinically proven in trials throughout the last decade.

The main benefits of penis stretching

Most men will gravitate towards the increase in length and girth that these types of devices offer. Most high quality devices can promise significant increases in size when used properly. This increase in size can also increase confidence and self image, leading to more interest in sex overall.

Many men also have the added benefits of increased erection strength due to higher blood flow capabilities as well as increased sexual stamina, although it can be a slow process and results are not seen overnight.

For men with penile curvature issues stretching the penis can significantly straighten the organ and decrease pain during intercourse associated with this curvature.

Using a penis extender safely

Penis extenders are considered a CE Certified Class 1 medical device, and they do not cause any notable side effects when used properly.

However, if a man gets too aggressive with his stretching regiment, or attempts pulling and stretching of the penis while erect, broken blood vessels or even penile fracturing can occur. But for those complying with instructions, these devices are safe. The microtears produced are only damaging on a cellular level, and repairs happen very quickly as part of the lengthening process.

doctorYou would actually cause your body more damage sustaining a paper cut while trying to open the packaging of your new extender than during the extension process itself. There may be some mild discomfort or tension involved in the process, but overall it is extremely safe.

For men that are looking for just a bit more size to increase their self image or pick up their sex drives, penis extenders can be a safe, effective method of gaining these desired results. They are backed by scientific principles used in the medical field and through clinical trials of the devices themselves.

Many men have gained length and girth as well as more potent erections from proper use of extension devices. It is a long process, but for the dedicated man, these devices can produce results and give him the confidence he desires in the bedroom.

Are You Ready To Increase Ejaculate Volume Naturally?

Would you like to have the best orgasm of your life?

Would you like to replicate that experience with every single orgasm you have?

happy-couplesFor many guys, there isn’t any problem with the way they perform in the bedroom.

They have strong erections, have regular orgasms, and life seems good!

What if those orgasms could be maximized, enhanced, and even stronger than they are now?

That can happen when a guy is able to increase ejaculate volume that occurs at orgasm.


What Factors Into the Amount of Ejaculate?

The amount of ejaculate that a guy can produce is almost as important as the overall size of their dick. With more semen, a guy feels like they are more of a man! There are four basic factors that contribute how much ejaculate a guy can produce:

  • age
  • family history
  • overall health
  • food choices.

A guy’s age is obviously out of their control and nobody can really choose who their parents are at the time of conception! What is under a guy’s control, however, is their health and their diet. This means that the most effective way to increase ejaculate volume is to be in reasonably good health and eat a reasonably good diet.

Can a Diet Increase Ejaculate Volume?

For most guys, their diet is already pretty good. The problem comes with their choices of beverage during the day. Many guys drink coffee, energy drinks, and then have a beer or three in the evening. Caffeine and alcohol will both remove water from a guy’s body and that is one of the building blocks of your ejaculate.

increase-ejaculate-volumeWith less water, you have less semen!

Guys can also improve the amount of ejaculate they have by increasing the amount of fruits and vegetables they eat every day.

These foods are rich in antioxidants and if your ejaculate loves something, it’s antioxidants!

Focus on red fruits and vegetables especially, such as apples, cranberries, and red beans to really improve the volume of ejaculate!

When All Else Fails, Stop Having Sex!

A guy’s body will produce ejaculate for around 48 hours. The longer guys abstain from sex for a couple days, the more ejaculate will spring forth for an incredible orgasm! Don’t worry, guys – semen reserves stop building after a couple days, so staying away from sex for longer than that doesn’t have to happen. So put away the lotion for a little bit, go find an attractive partner, and you’ll have no problem producing plenty of ejaculate!

The amount of semen directly equates to the kind of orgasm a guy has. Use these tips to maximize your sexual experience so you can increase ejaculate volume consistently and have awesome orgasms all the time!

Things To Look For in a Penis Extender

If you’ve been looking for a safe, effective way to enlarge your penis size, you may have considered a penis extender.

There are tons of options on the market, some that look low quality and others that are truly professional. But how do you know which product to purchase?

It can be a struggle to sort through all the information to find the one that will work best for you. But if you focus on a few key points, you can find a great product that will deliver results and help you increase your size and add confidence to your performance in the bedroom.

Are penis extenders effective?

The number one consideration of any penis extending device is effectiveness.

There is no point in purchasing a product that just doesn’t deliver results.

penis-extender-resultWhile there are many types of products out there, the one that has been proven most effective through clinical trials and personal testimonials is a traction-based penis extender.

This type of product gradually lengthens and widens the organ by applying constant tension that forces the cells to break down and rebuild longer and thicker penis than before.

It doesn’t produce immediate results, but over time these types of extenders have really proven to increase length and girth of the penis when used correctly.

Look for a device that:

  • Bears a CE Class 1 medical device certification, which means it has been put through more rigorous standards than other pumps or pills for penis enlargement
  • Also examine the product’s website thoroughly. The top producers of these devices have professional websites that proudly proclaim their product’s effectiveness. But don’t just take a few actor’s testimonials as proof, look for evidence of clinical trials or medical journal publications that prove the effectiveness of the device scientifically.
  • You may also want to see if the particular extender you’re looking at has been recommended by a practicing urologist or professional medical association. This gives the product immense credibility when doctors that work with men’s sexual health issues endorse it.
  • Also check for a money back guarantee. Products that work will not hesitate to offer you your money back if you are dissatisfied because they are confident that you will love your results and won’t be wanting that refund.


The next thing to consider is comfort.

Traction based penis extenders only work when the device is worn for 4-8 hours a day consistently over many months. If the extender you purchase chafes or digs into your sensitive penile areas, you won’t wear it, and you won’t get results.

comfort-strap-penis-traction-deviceLook for a model that offers memory foam comfort pads, comfort straps and protection pads as well as high quality, non-allergenic materials. There are devices out there that offer customizable pads and straps that can be applied to the device in over 50 different combinations, allowing you to create the most comfortable situation possible.

Don’t be afraid to purchase a device that offers more in terms of customizable padding, and look for extenders that are made from top quality materials to ensure comfort.

You may also find that using non-slip chafing powder before applying the extender and aftercare moisturizer when you’re done decrease any painful friction or rubbing that may otherwise occur.


It’s true, you get what you pay for.

There are bargain penis extenders on the market costing $25-$50, but you will get what you pay for. Many of these cheap options are made of junky materials that are not as effective, can break quickly, or can even cause injury.

A quality device made of top-notch materials and comfort accessories can run anywhere from $250-$500.

And while that may seem expensive, this is a medical device. Some companies offer financing to help alleviate the cost burden up front. Pick a device within this higher price range to ensure you’re getting a quality device.

If you pay attention to the effectiveness, comfort options and pricing of your new penis extender, you will certainly find a quality product that delivers the results you are after. Keep in mind that your penis is a very sensitive organ. Getting an effective, high quality device is key to getting the results you truly desire.

Penis Pumps Can Provide Stronger Erections

Do you struggle with the quality of your erection?

Would you like to have more sex, or perhaps have sex for a longer period of time?

If so, and you wish to avoid using medication to get results, then you may wish to use penis pumps to achieve your sexual goals. They’re easy to use and give you immediate, long lasting options to help you enjoy intercourse!

How Do Penis Pumps Work?

penis_pumpTypical pumps are either battery powered or hand powered. Using a little lubrication, a guy will stick their dick into the chamber of the pump. The air is then removed from the chamber and this change in pressure helps to bring more blood into the shaft of the penis.

This creates an erection which can then be secured through the use of a restrictor ring.

For guys that really struggle to achieve an erection naturally, this is a safe, effective method!

Some guys struggle with an erection that is achieved through this method because it makes their dick look a little different. Because there is a higher level of trapped blood in their penis, their erection will look blue or even purplish in tone. Because the band that holds the blood in place needs to be tight, some guys may notice a decreased orgasm or less overall ejaculate. Some bruising can rarely happen as well.

Should I Be Using a Penis Pump?

For guys looking for quick male enhancement results, penis pumps can provide them. They can also help guys who have had prostrate surgery or suffer from diabetes be able to have a consistent erection so they can enjoy sex. This site http://www.bestpenispumps.org/ says is especially helpful for men who suffer from blood flow issues as the vacuum sucking out the air can really add extra blood flow into a guy’s dick to give him a rock solid erection!

warningBecause the flow of blood is being manipulated through the use of a vacuum, however, some guys should be using this kind of equipment to get a bigger dick or get an erection. Guys that have specific blood conditions, such as sickle cell anemia or certain forms of blood cancers, called leukemia, should avoid using pumps like these because of the increased risks of bleeding.

Why Do Guys Use These Pumps?

The primary reason why guys rely on equipment like this is because it is effective.

According to WebMd, up to 80% of men achieve satisfactory results when using this equipment! Considering some alternatives include direct shots into the dick, medication through a tube that is inserted into the penis, or even surgery when other meds guys take by the mouth aren’t effective, this equipment is a less painful, much cheaper option!

increase-penis-sizeIf you don’t have any health concerns that involve your blood, then penis pumps could be a viable solution for you. Male enhancement can help you achieve a bigger, stronger erection that can allow you to enjoy sex more and this equipment can help make that a reality!

If you’re hesitant to use meds or other more expensive options, then try a pump today to see how big you really can be!

Penis Pumps Can Help Straighten a Bent Erection

Does your penis seem like it gets bent at a strange angle when erected?
Does this cause you to suffer from shame or embarrassment as you’re about to have sex?
Does your crooked dick prevent you from having sex at all?

This problem, which is often associated with something called Peyronie’s Disease, can make guys be extremely self-conscious and quickly ruin their sexual satisfaction. Penis pumps, however, can help guys maintain their length and girth.

What Is Peyronie’s Disease?

peyronie_diseaseIf you’ve ever been to the dentist, you’ve probably gotten a lecture about controlling the plaque on your teeth. What guys don’t realize is that there can also be plaque on their dick! It’s true… and that’s what Peyronie’s Disease is.

The Corpora Cavernosa is the connective tissue that controls your dick and gives you your unique length and size. With Peyronie’s Disease, the corpora cavernosa develops scar tissue that causes an erection to become bent and sometimes even painful.

Although this condition doesn’t occur in all guys, estimates from the Mayo Clinic show that as many as 1% of all men suffer from Peyronie’s Disease in some way.

By using penis pumps to control an erection, however, the blood flow into the corpora cavernosa can be increased and this can help to soften the plaque up enough to give guys a regular erection.

How Can I Get Peyronie’s Disease?

Many medical experts believe that this condition is caused by trauma or injury. This doesn’t mean you can’t wear your preferred underwear, but it does mean that if you’re playing contact sports you might want to wear a cup! Sometimes Peyronie’s Disease is thought to be genetic as well, which means it goes from parents to children. Extreme cases might be caused by a combination of these two factors.

There are also a lot of medications that list this condition as a side effect of the medication.

This includes commonly taken over-the-counter medications like ibuprofen and Prilosec!

The National Institutes of Health have reported that the odds of developing Peyronie’s Disease from medication isn’t very high, but because there is a risk, that risk needs to be reported.

Can Penis Pumps Straighten a Curvature?

The first thing to do is to speak with your doctor about your concerns. After you have done that, for many guys the most affordable and effective option is to use penis pumps to achieve a straight, hard erection. This form of male enhancement is extremely effective because it essentially helps to guide a guy’s dick toward where it needs to be thanks to the vacuum that is created within the cylinder of the pump.

pumpFor many guys, Peyronie’s Disease will resolve on its own, requiring no further treatment beyond the use of penis pumps for straighter erections.

If you’re looking for a way to have a bigger erection, have a stronger orgasm, or to simply counter the effects of this sometimes embarrassing condition, then find a pump that will work for you today. You never know when the best sex of your life could happen, so why leave yourself unprepared?

Can Penis Pills Really Help Me Get Bigger?

There are dozens of advertisements for male enhancement products out there today. Many of them have one thing in common: they promise guys the opportunity to have a bigger dick without any work. Just pop a few of their magic penis pills in and presto!

Like magic, your dick gets bigger and wider and the women just swoon over the new size of your cock.

If it was that easy, just about every guy would do that. Especially the executive types that have money to burn, right? It isn’t that easy. Pills don’t make you bigger, guys!

They do have some benefits, however, and those benefits are often worth the investment into a product. Let’s take a look at a couple common guy problems and how taking a few pills could help.

Do You Suffer From Premature Ejaculation?

premature-ejaculationIt happens.

You’re with an incredibly hot partner, maybe someone you figure is generally out of your league, and you’ve burned through all of your thoughts about baseball, Dennis Rodman, and the Cuban Missile Crisis of the 1960’s. You fire off your rocket long before your partner is ready to go and now you’re stuck in a land of desperately trying to get it back up.

Or… you’ve been married for several years and your body is just accustomed to getting the deed over and done with because there’s ESPN to watch, right?

Premature ejaculation is ultimately about control.

Part of that control comes from you doing some regular kegel exercises, which are a good thing because they might also help prevent prostate cancer! They also help with control of your ejaculation because you have better strength to hold it back.

Is Your Erection More of a Chubby?

Of course you could have intercourse with just a chubby and everything might be fine. You could take effective penis pills that could improve your erection, however, and make it be something that points outward instead of downward! For guys who have this issue, the problem isn’t from a lack of libido or a desire to get it on until the break of dawn. The problem, unfortunately, is that there is an issue with blood flow during arousal.

There’s a few reasons why this could happen:

  • high blood pressure,
  • taking a lot of nasal decongestants over the last week,
  • a constriction in the blood vessels as your cock rises, or
  • just plain bad luck.

If there is an underlying medical condition, talk with your doctor first about the things you might be able to do.

sexual-performanceIf you get the all-clear signal from the doc, then taking a few pills can effectively help to solve your problem.

Are You Ready To Be Better In the Bedroom?

Penis pills might not be the most glamorous subject to discuss, but they could be the one missing component you need to be successful in the bedroom.

If you’re suffering from these two common problems, then don’t just suffer in silence! Take the opportunity today to explore what products will work to help you become a memorable experience in the bedroom for all of the right reasons instead of the wrong ones!

Lifestyle Changes To Increase Ejaculate Volume

Do you feel like your orgasms are lacking something as of late?

When you do have an orgasm, does it seem like you get a dribble instead of a solid, powerful stream? Do you actually want to increase the volume you ejaculate?

For some guys, the choices they make every day help them achieve the maximum amount of ejaculate every time so that every orgasm is massive and awesome. For other guys, their lifestyle choices cause them to dribble out an orgasm and make sex less appealing.

If you’re more of the latter than the former, then listen up! Here’s how your choices could be to increase ejaculate volume.

Smoking Is the Number 1 Killer of Ejaculate

If you’re a smoker, then you’ve got to stop. No – you’re not going to get lectures about lung health and whatnot here. Instead, you’re going to see what smoking does to your sperm!

low-sperm-volumeNot only does smoking reduce your overall sperm counts, thus reducing your ejaculate amount, but it can also cause “imperfect” sperm to form. This further reduces your ejaculate! This includes tobacco and marijuana products.

The reason why many guys start smoking is because of stress. Smoking might help you feel better and reduce stress levels, but you’re robbing Peter to pay Paul. Stress can also reduce the amount of ejaculate your body produces!

That’s because stress can interfere with the testosterone production a guy’s body works so hard to manufacture! To increase ejaculate volume, you’ll want to eliminate as much stress as possible without resorting to smoking.

Practice Safe Sex Consistently

Being in a mutually monogamous, long term relationship is about the safest sex that you can have. For guys that don’t have that opportunity, using safe sex practices can help them make sure they have good ejaculate volume. That’s because many of your sexually transmitted diseases that are common, such as chlamydia and gonorrhea, can reduce the amount of ejaculate that is produced. Guys, if want to ejaculate more but you’re not careful, these STDs can lead to sterility too!

While practicing safe sex, it’s also a good idea to be practicing those Kegel exercises that you want your partner practicing for you too! Those exercises do more than just give guys better control over an orgasm. They help to stimulate the production of ejaculate so that orgasms can be more powerful! These exercises also have a beneficial secondary side effect when you practice them regularly too. Kegels promote a healthier prostrate!

Are You Ready To Increase Ejaculate Volume?

increase-ejaculate-volumeIncreasing your ejaculate volume is easy when you take these facts seriously. Simple lifestyle changes are often all that is necessary to promote more semen! More semen means having better orgasms and better orgasms mean sex is better than awesome! If you’re ready to make sure that the sex you have is the best you’ve ever had every time, then take these ideas to increase ejaculate heart and allow your body to produce the right amount of sperm for you.

Trust us – you’ll never be happier in the bedroom!

Micropenis: A Solution For Penis Pills?

Today we’re going to discuss a very serious problem for some guys: micropenis. You see, the average guy’s penis has a maximum of about 7 inches in length when fully aroused.

If you’ve got a 5 incher, you’re still considered in the average category, so high-five me all you CEO’s out there! You become below average if your cock is less than 5 inches when standing tall, but you still don’t suffer from micropenis.


It’s when you pitch a tent that is 3 inches or less in height that you suffer from this condition. Penis pills seem like a legitimate way to increase your size so you’re not nicking yourself with the razor trying to make your cock look bigger, but can these pills cure micropenis?

Basically the Answer Is a Big, Fat No

Penis pills aren’t going to make a penis grow magically. They’re not magic beans that you take and overnight your micropenis turns into a huge beanstalk!

You’re just wasting your money by taking these male enhancement products because you might be able to get a harder erection and you might be able to last longer during sex, but you’re not going to get your cock out of the micropenis measurement range.

There’s a few other things that are promoted to help get your dick bigger as well. Let’s take a look at those briefly:

  • Jelqing: In this exercise, you move the blood from the base of the penis to the head of it. The problem with a micropenis, however, is that it is very difficult to perform this exercise correctly because of your cock’s size.
  • Pumps: A vacuum pump can help to make your micropenis appear temporarily bigger. Vacuum pumps are used to correct erectile dysfunction issues in guys, which means your cock will likely look reddish or even purplish when you get that erection up and going. Once the arousal ends, your dick returns to normal size.
  • Lotions: Penis lotions are a lot like penis pills – they can help satisfy specific issues, but they’re not going to make your dick bigger. It might appear to be bigger because you’ve finally got a blood flow problem corrected, but that just means you’ve finally gotten a great erection! It doesn’t mean you’re bigger.

So What Are My Options With Micropenis?

Still looking for a pill? Take a look here but be aware…

The best option you’ve got when you’ve got a micropenis is stretching.

There have been a few studies that have shown guys who use a stretching device regularly on their dick can add up to 1 inch in length over time to their size. Think about that for a guy who has a fully erect cock that’s between 2 -3 inches in length. That means no more micropenis!

The bottom line is this: if you want a bigger dick because you’re afraid your micropenis will leave a bad impression on your partner, then penis stretching is a better bet over penis pills. If, however, you’re looking for a better overall performance from your equipment, small as it might be, then taking a pill to correct your specific issue can help you be better in the bedroom.