My household chores shortcuts

There are ways to have shortcuts when doing household chores. I wouldn’t want to spend more time than necessary on household chores considering that there’s so many of them I need to do everyday. Doing the shortcuts not only speeds up my routines but also gives me time to enjoy the things that matter, like spending time with my family or settling down to watch my favorite soap.



My home cleaning shortcuts


I use a lint roller to dust cloth lampshades. A lint roller works really well without the hassle of taking out the vacuum cleaner. Sometimes, I encase my hand in an old, unmatched sock and dust as I go. I do make sure to work from top to bottom to prevent the dust from settling on wiped surfaces.

I clean mirrors and glass windows using old newspapers. This means I do recycling at the same time as cleaning those surfaces. When cleaning the microwave oven, I boil a cup of water inside as the steam generated helps loosen stuck on particles that will be easy to simply wipe away. After that, I have a nice cup of hot coffee!

When cleaning the toilet, I put toilet cleaner into the bowl and allow it to soak while wiping down the outside surfaces. After I am done with the external surfaces, the dirt and stains in the bowl will have loosened and everything becomes easier to scrub away. To reduce the frequency of cleaning, I use a continuous release toilet cleaning gel or drop-in toilet cleaning dispenser.

To make ref cleaning easier, I clean out bad food and trash every trash day morning. Dumping all the bad stuff takes just a few minutes. To wipe down the internal surfaces of my fridge, I use baking soda, which scrubs and eliminates ugly odors without ruining the finish.


My laundry and dishwashing shortcuts


I delegate the washing of their own clothes, as well as the drying and putting away, to the specific person who used the clothings. I have written some basic instructions that are posted in the laundry room so everyone knows what they are doing and whether they are doing it right. I did have a trial period in which I let my ‘trainees’ assist me with their clothing but after that, they are now pretty much on their own, so if they don’t do their own laundry and have nothing to wear, they are to blame. Sometimes, when there’s an overwhelming amount of laundry such as bed sheets and towels and curtains and all sorts of heavy stuff, I simply check everything into our neighborhood laundromat

I assign dishwashing to each of my children one mealtime every day, so one of them gets to do the dishes once a week. I have instructed them to first run a sink of hot soapy water and then wash as they go, the same as I do. This ensures that food particles do not get stuck on the surfaces of the dishes. I also keep a supply of disposable plates, cups and flatware for those times when dishwashing can be a huge burden.

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